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Re: Forum Site Map

Post by gemini » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:31 pm

:ty: Thank you everyone, for bringing all your changes here! It makes it much easier to keep the index up!

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Re: Forum Site Map

Post by JudyB » Wed Aug 30, 2023 3:38 pm

Hi Sharon -

I've set up or started to set up:
- the new thread for Harrison Mills for 2023-2024 - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=705
- the new thread for Redding eagles for 2023-2024 - viewtopic.php?f=44&t=706

I believe we will soon have two new Hancock Live Web Cams (viewforum.php?f=9)
- Boundary Bay Central
- Mission
and will be setting up forums and threads for them before too long.

I think I sent an email to let you know I'd moved the Chehalis fish cam thread from its forum in the Hancock Live Web Cams category to the Archive for HWF Cams No Longer Active - and I deleted the empty forum for the Chehalis-Harrison Hatchery once I'd moved the thread. We can revive it later if we end up with a cam there again in the future.

I hope this all makes sense. I'm doing a few too many things at once, so if anything seems confused or in the wrong place, please let me know.

And thanks so much for keeping track of all of this! :thumlft:

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