Windows 11, Internet Explorer and Eagle Cams

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Windows 11, Internet Explorer and Eagle Cams

Post by JudyB » Sun Oct 17, 2021 2:53 pm

Hi everyone!

This is only relevant for Windows computers, and is mostly for our zoomers - the wonderful people who find all those interesting moments while we are watching the eagles. I'm posting here because this may also be of interest to folks involved with other eagle cams - and because I know we have a lot of tech-savvy folks, and want as much input as possible.

Microsoft has recently announced the release of Windows 11, which I think will be offered as an automatic update to Windows 10 on computers that are new enough to be compatible. There are ways to check if your computer is compatible and we can discuss that later if anyone is interested. I don't know if it will upgrade automatically at some point or if you can put the update on hold indefinitely.

What I do know is that I use Internet Explorer to control most of our cams when I'm zooming - and it will not be included in Windows 11.

There appears to be a setting in Microsoft's new Edge browser that lets you use IE inside of Edge - and I'll be trying that at some point. I still have Windows 10 and don't plan to update until the new version has been out for a while so I have a sense that it's not likely to cause problems - and until I know I'll be able to work with our cams.

For now:

1) If you use Internet Explorer for controlling cams remotely (or any other task that may not work as well with other browsers) - I'd recommend against switching to Windows 11 until we have some alternatives.

2) If you are using a different browser for zooming, please let us know what browser works for you, and what brand of camera it works with.

Most of our HWF cams are from Vivotek, and it's been a while since I tried alternate browsers, but last time I checked, I had trouble with all browsers except IE. We also have one HikVision cam, and I haven't used it lately, but it worked with Firefox back when we first got it and I was checking things out.

Thanks for your help with this - and stay tuned!

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