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Welcome Students and Teachers

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:39 am
by jkr
Welcome to all the Students and Teachers who have joined us and learning about eagles as well as other birds/wildlife and exploring the great outdoors.

We look forward to you sharing your conservation, wildlife and outdoor adventures with us.

If you are new to our forum and would like an area set up for your classroom please send a PM or email to our Forum Admins with information about your class.
Location of your school.
Name of your school.
Grade of your class.
Also, any information about your class that you would like to share in an opening post.

As a safe guard we discourage children's names being added to any photos they may appear in.

We'd also love to see pictures of projects that you've been working on.

Have you learned something new about eagles that you'd like to share with us ? We'd love to hear from you.

Because of the nature of this forum, even slightly off-color remarks will be deleted without notice. Thanks for your help in making this a safe place for children.

Hope you all have a great time here and we're happy you have joined us.