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HWF To Be Supporter of IOC 2018

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:18 am
by davidh
Originally Posted September 29, 2017

HWF To Be Supporter of IOC 2018 - the biggest gathering of bird nuts in the world !

Link to video Count Down IOC 2018 Vancouver

Hancock here: Wow, Vancouver is going into birding history next year. The International Ornithological Congress is holding its meeting here and it is expected that 2000 bird biologists and 30,000 people from the public will attend. Hancock Wildlife Foundation will be involved in many ways. First, we are sponsoring Dr. David Bird's daily newsletter, printed and e-version of the days' highlights. We met with them yesterday and they are going to support our proposal (led by Myles Lamont) of Surrey/Delta being declared the "Raptor Capital of Canada" (maybe "Birds of Prey Capital of Canada", so we are not confused with the dinosaur aficionados!) Hopefully we'll have road signs proclaiming this. We will probably be listed, along with Fraser River Safari Tours, as hosting a number of birding tours through the fall season, in our case, tours to eagle nests and concentrations. A downer is that during the August 6-day event all the eagles will be in the north.

In any case you will hear more about this as we get closer. If any of you see other references to this IOC meeting please post here.


David Hancock

Re: HWF To Be Supporter of IOC 2018

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 8:51 am
by gemini
More info re the upcoming 27th International Ornithological Congress being held in Vancouver, BC, August 19-26, 2018!

Re: HWF To Be Supporter of IOC 2018

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:26 pm
by gemini
Update on World's Largest Birder Gathering - Aug 26 PM
By David Hancock

Aug 21 to 26 the International Ornithological Congress


Bird Brain Scientists and Devoted Birders -- The World's BEST!

1. HWF had a booth - (If anyone has photos of the HWF booth, would you please send them to David).

2. Our Volunteers explained eagles, talked eagles and gave out brochures on HWF, the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the wonders of the Harrison Salmon Stronghold and we also sold books to help fund the event.

3. We presented Christian Sasse’s new Eagle Film.

4. Dr. Mike Seear and Myles Lamont ‘defended’ our "Poster," a scientific summary of our Bald Eagle Tracking Alliance Project - following the 5 tracked Bald Eagles presently Roaming Alaska and northern Canada.

5. We supported Dr. David Bird’s daily cell phone review of the IOC events and undertaking interviews with Dr. Christian Sasse that are now archived on Christian’s YouTube channel.

Finally, it was incredible to have so many old friends drop by and say, "remember when we first met,” for example, “at the Ohio Bald Eagle Conference -- in 196?” and the date would trail off. I too had forgotten that first BE conference date. On and on it went - wonderful old memories.....

So now where? Locally we have several bald eagle crises - the construction of a bald eagle nest framework and two CAMS tomorrow in south Surrey. This is a very positive story of how a developer, assessing his property realized there was an active eagle nest in the middle and we have collectively resolved how his subdivision went forward but surrounds the City of Surrey’s first Bald Eagle Preserve. Quite wonderful.

The Croydon Eagle Outrage: Then later in the week please stay tuned for the Croydon Eagle Outrage - yes, the eagles are outraged, the people of Surrey are outraged and I am outraged that someone cut down an active bald eagle’s nest, my nest #009, in the very heart of my City. To date some 22 citizen groups have said that this will not go un-avenged. Stay tuned as to what lower-mainland people think about this atrocity. Will the Croydon Eagle Outrage become bigger than little Surrey - Canada’s largest City? Yes, by some standards, Surrey is Canada’s largest City!

Again, thank you all for your good thoughts on eagles and the many hugs I got at the IOC from people both across the country who have followed our CAMS, and in several cases, initiated CAMS in their area, and from locals whom I had not met before - thank you so much.

David Hancock.
Hancock Wildlife Foundation 604 761-1025