Nature & Biodiversity Act – a New Canadian Initiative.

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Nature & Biodiversity Act – a New Canadian Initiative.

Post by davidh » Thu Oct 27, 2022 1:14 pm

Nature & Biodiversity Act – a New Canadian Initiative.
October 25, 2022

1. Last week, it was revealed that there are 70% fewer animals sharing the earth with us than there were 50 years ago. Read that sentence again. And again. “Greenpeace”

2. And now read this one: today, a shocking new report from Greenpeace Canada revealed that Paper Excellence—which is about to become the largest logging company in Canada—is connected to Asia Pulp & Paper, a multinational notorious for massive deforestation and land clearances that have razed millions of acres of irreplaceable rainforest in Indonesia, destroying critical habitat and violating Indigenous rights.

Paper Excellence—which is linked to the very same corporation that is playing a leading role in the destruction of life on earth—is in the midst of snapping up millions of acres of forest across Canada to feed its mills.

Corporate monopolies over forests are sketchy at the best of times, but in an extinction crisis, they’re utterly unacceptable. That’s why we’re currently campaigning for "stronger biodiversity protections at the federal level."

David, since you’ve spoken up against the destructive free trade deal between Canada and Indonesia that would increase deforestation for palm oil, will you join our campaign calling on a strong Nature & Biodiversity Act today?

YES! I want a strong Nature & Biodiversity Act!

Hancock here: Please go to Greenpeace and sign this campaign -- today.

Click here: ... X6cLx1D103

We don’t have fish and eagles without forests and clean water.


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