Smola, Norway ~~ White Tailed Eagles 2018

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Re: Smola, Norway ~~ White Tailed Eagles 2018

Post by Ferenz » Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:11 am

A new female white-tailed eagle has joined Baron on the nest today. Baron flies in to the left branch and she flies in after him. Baron will fly to the nest and she follows and they both do some digging. Seems like Baron has accepted this new female. Notice her very dark eyes, she is a younger strong female with no limp, greyish flatter head feathers and different shape beak then Baroness.

Baron goes to the bouncy branch and she will hop up to the branch above the nest - a spot that Baroness rarely perches in. They both spend the night together.

Baroness was last seen on the bouncy branch spending the night on Sept 29th. Baron has been seen a couple times since and both Baron and Baroness vocals were heard on Oct.12th...

video by Lady Hawk -

Baron & New Female today befor Take Off

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