Found A New Eagle Camera ?

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Found A New Eagle Camera ?

Post by Pat B » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:18 am

This is where you can tell us about a new Eagle cam you have found!

Please tell us:
Where geographically
What Url

Any other interesting things you noted!!
If interest develops - this is also where you can request to set up a discussion thread!!
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Re: Found A New Eagle Camera ?

Post by JudyB » Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:29 pm

There is an eagle camera in Maine, where I live - not related to the cams we used to watch along the coast. This one is on a river in the middle of the state. I've not found a forum or a facebook group, and I don't have time (or room on my monitor) to watch it - but I did want to share a couple of pictures.

An active observer and moderator on Chat said the eaglet is about 10 weeks old, though I was thinking the eggs were laid in early March, so the chick (named Milo) might be a bit older than that - but maybe not. I looked back at my notes, and the last couple of years that we had a cam at the nest in Hancock County Maine, their chick fledged at 11 weeks, and branching is typically a week or so earlier.

Here's the link for the parent page of the cam; it has a link for the eagle cam and a couple of other cams (the direct link to the eagle cam changes frequently) -

And here's Milo branching on the other side of the nest - it looks to me as if he or she has been doing this for at least a couple of days now.

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