South African Black Eagle ~ 2018-2020

Observations, scaps and videos of this nest. Look for the cam to return in May and egg laying to take place end of April early May

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Re: South African Black Eagle ~ 2018-2020

Post by JudyB » Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:51 pm

Summary of the 2020 nesting season

Information courtesy of the Black Eagle Project Roodekrans facebook page

Because of covid-19 restrictions and precautions, some dates are more approximate than usual. Makatsa and her new mate Mahlori produced at least one egg, probably around April 18-19, and there was at least one chick who likely hatched around June 2-3. The eaglet was named Motsumi, which means "The Hunter" in Sesotho, and fledged on August 31st.

As of November 12, Motsumi is still being seen in the territory, with the adults delivering food. Fledglings are usually dependent on the adults for about 3 months, so he or she may leave the area (or be chased out) in late November or early December - which would be earlier than in 2017 and 2018, when the fledge was late September, and the juvenile left the area December 23.


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