A Sad Update

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A Sad Update

Post by davidh » Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:45 am

The following letter defines the final position between Karen Bills, the HWF and myself. I would not have published this note beyond the Directorate but I understand that over the past few days Karen has decided, with the extra powers of an Admin, to go in and delete all of her posts. This may cause some of you, or later some researchers, a disruption in trying to follow up on tracking backward. Since I had given her many of my “Hancock here” posts and updates on different nests etc., my comments given to her to post will also be gone. Sorry about this.

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“My letter to Karen”: Thank you letter to Karen Aug. 26, 2018

Hi Karen:

First I want to thank you for helping the Foundation and me so effectively over the last many years. You have not just been our HWF coordinator but my personal Rolodex – I again thank you and will certainly miss your assistance and reminder of all things important. I am even sorry that our long-time conflict on a personal philosophy of life came to a final conflict in the way it did. On reflection I suspect my personal “strengthening” stance on personal issues has been polarized the same way the peoples of the world and particularly America have been polarized by recent changes in acceptance of each camp's defense of their definitions of what is acceptable and decent.

At another level I am also sorry to hear of your recent health challenges; age does march on and bring forward more quickly little things that also magnify and become bigger intrusions to everyday life.

I wish you the best and again thank you for your contributions to both HWF and myself.


PS As you know, the past week has been totally taken up by the IOC (International Ornithological Congress) so over the next week I hope to catch up on a few hundred emails and several incredibly important eagle-human conflicts that are all maturing at the same time. It is not that people stop cutting down eagle nests but that our opportunity to try and better the eagle nests has to be done in the ever-decreasing window of time when the eagles are off on migration -- the next 3 weeks.

I just now realized that having written the above to you, that the HWF Directorate and management will need to know what has happened. I therefore have decided to cc them on the above email.

David Hancock,
Hancock Wildlife Foundation

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