Raptor Nest Coordinator Needed for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation

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Raptor Nest Coordinator Needed for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation

Post by davidh » Sun Oct 30, 2022 5:39 am

Raptor Nest Coordinator Needed for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation needs support for its data handling, management, and entry. Our foundation operates the longest running database on Bald Eagles anywhere in British Columbia and has grown beyond what we can do on our own.

The thousands of records, based mostly on the nesting birds within and around the Fraser valley, needs ongoing and annual updates to incorporate status updates for every nesting season. These data can then be fed into local governments planning programs to ensure that developments avoid disturbing, disrupting, or removing Bald Eagle nests and their habitats. Much of our data is collected by volunteer Citizen Scientists who contribute much needed observations and provide a geographical coverage we could not accomplish on our own accord. We are seeking a full or part time volunteer who would be willing to help take over some of our data handling and entry and help broaden our reach beyond the Fraser Valley region. We are also exploring ways to make this a paid position.

Skills & Experience:
We require someone with preexisting outreach experiences who can effectively communicate - with enthusiasm - our needs and data collection methods to our volunteer base. These volunteers are often lacking formal scientific training but overcome this limitation with eagerness and passion for the birds they help monitor. These volunteers are the core of our organization and are pivotal to helping us preserve wildlife habitat and habitat features vital for large nesting raptors.

The ideal candidate would have the following experiences or skillsets:
  • Fluent in data entry, data handling and database management
  • Familiarity with cloud-based programs such as Google Spreadsheets and Google Drive
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to clearly outline objectives and methods to volunteers and relay .. .information from foundation staff
Additional skill sets of value but not required:
  • Familiarity with GIS or other geospatial programs
  • Abilities to run basic statistical analyses and summarizes of data
Given we are a registered charity, we have limited funding available for administrative support and salaries. Ideally, we would be seeking a volunteer or someone who is willing to work for a reduced rate to support our charitable goals, but could provide some reasonable compensations depending on workload and deliverables. We may also be able to provide a charitable tax receipt for services provided.

Please send a brief cover letter outlining your experiences and interest outlining your relevant skillsets along with a resume to [email protected] or call 604-761-1025. This could be a remote working arrangement with some in-office time or we can make space available in our offices if desired. Our website can be found at https://hancockwildlife.org.

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