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Information about Donating

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:58 pm
by JudyB
All About Donating

We encourage people to donate using CanadaHelps for a couple of reasons.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada, and CanadaHelps automatically provides a tax slip to donors. Their donation interface provides a space to send a message to HWF, and we like to know which of our nests you are watching.

You don't need to be in Canada to use CanadaHelps - and the rate of exchange right now is favorable to those of us in the United States - a donation of $250 Canadian dollars is currently less than $200 US dollars, so if you give $250 through CanadaHelps (or PayPal), HWF gets $250 Canadian dollars, and the cost to you is based on the current rate of exchange.

You can also use the other methods on the Donations page, but it's not as easy to provide all the information, so if you're sending a check or planning to give a donation directly to someone at HWF, please let me ([email protected]) or gemini ([email protected]) know a donation is coming so it gets recorded.
Adopting a Nest
Nest adoptions are for a nesting season, from September when the eagles return to August when they leave again for their time away from the nest (which conveniently coincides with the salmon runs starting in Alaska and northern BC). We generally begin accepting early adoptions for the nest season in July.

The easiest way to adopt a nest is to
  • go to the "Donations" page on our website (
  • click the "Donate via CanadaHelps Now!" link
  • enter the amount of your donation ($250 to adopt the nest of your choice for the coming year)
  • pick "Adopt a Nest" from the drop-down Fund list (the default is a day with David Hancock)
  • use the message box to say which nest you are adopting and how you would like your name to be listed
  • fill in your contact information and credit card details, and
  • click "Complete Donation Now"
Donating for Cam Maintenance
Use the same steps as above, but pick "Eagle Cams/General Repairs" from the Fund dropdown list. There is a suggested amount in the list - but that's just a suggestion. The amount you enter in the Amount box is the amount you'll donate. It's not required, but we do encourage you to use the message box to tell us which nest or nests you watch. We do have limited resources, and all else being equal, the nests with the most interest will get the most attention.

Monthly Donations
Monthly donations are great for knowing we'll have the money to pay the monthly internet expenses for our non-sponsored cams, and the monthly costs of hosting for the website and forum. You can make a monthly donation by changing the highlighted box at the top of the page from "Donate Now" to "Donate Monthly." Many of the funds have a suggested amount - but that is just a suggestion. The amount you put in the Amount box is what you'll donate.

And if you have any questions about any of this, please do contact me or gemini and we'll be happy to help.

Thank You!

Information about Donating

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:49 pm
by JudyB
This thread is for a couple of posts providing information about ways to donate to Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

The link to make a donation is