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by RachelPowell
Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:51 am
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Grey Parrot Anatomy Project

The Grey Parrot Anatomy Project is a project I'm looking upto. The people behind this project would be so generous and caring about the wildlife. grey parrot.jpg The Grey Parrot Anatomy Project aims to create an accurate physical and digital anatomy reference, including a standardized basis for avia...
by RachelPowell
Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:43 am
Forum: Garden Fence Chat
Topic: Screech Hollow
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Re: Screech Hollow

Although I've never had a pet at my place, I've been with some of the pets that my friends have. They are simply adorable. It simply feels like you have some god's gift by your side just to make you feel calm and relaxed. Currently, my friend is having a rabbit and its so cute. Have a look. <3 cutie...

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